Sharon McErlane

Founder of Grandmothers Speak and Net of Light and author of -  

A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak, Our Love Is Our Power, and Casting the Net. 

Sharon works as a psychotherapist in Laguna Beach, California. She travels the world, teaching how to access the Net of Light and spreading the message of the Great Council of the Grandmothers.


There are now over 250 Net of Light groups meeting around the world and we charge no money for this. All are welcome to this work.

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Interview with Sharon

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A Call to Power - The Grandmothers Speak: Recounts the author's encounters with these wise women and the powerful message they bring. "Earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin," the Grandmothers say. "We have come to correct this." The Grandmothers take the reader on a wild ride; expanding her perception, her understanding of life. The book reveals the exciting and sometimes shocking ways the Grandmothers teach.


Casting the Net: Takes the author and the reader beyond time and space. The Grandmothers teach how to work with the ancestors of the light as well as with the spirits of the earth. This magnifies the power of the Net of Light across time—healing the past as well as the present. The reader directly experiences the Fabric of Being that cradles the cosmos and when this happens, the spiritual maxim, "We are One," becomes no longer a saying, but a living truth.


Our Love Is Our Power: Continues the adventure. ”The readers’ sense of self is stretched further.” The reader learns how to work with the Net of Light or Cosmic Web, learns how to become a "walking blessing upon the earth."

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